Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ice Harpy Silhouettes

Like the pose, just trying different wing sets, been forever since I did silhouettes, so much fun!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Old Hoverbike

Zoom zoom...


Once in a blue moon I get the opportunity to participate in Concept Art's CHOW competitions. This one was a psycho killer cheerleader prom queen. I thought it was fun as hell. 

Marie Antoinette

I had to finish her in less than a week. Still needs some work, but here she be.


Had an idea for a zombie apocalypse where children were the survivors and formed little bands. Wanted it to be very young punk. Have some more, but they aren't finished. Will post when I get to them.

Amusement Park Mod for Zombie Master

Before Left 4 Dead had come out, the GameCamp kids and I spent months playing Zombie Master, a great little Half Life 2 mod that combines the point of view of an FPS survival with a simplified RTS Zombie Master. I wanted to create an amusement park level. These were two of the concepts I'd done for a "Frontierland"  area. They were going to be simple old world store fronts. Then....L4D2 came around and Dark Carnival made the whole thing a little moot.

More Old work

I will absolutely revisit some of these. I loved my little robots, I will have to redo them so they can live again.

Super Old work, but here ya go.

Wow, I almost don't want to show these, but I'm sucking it up. Some of the ideas I'd like to revisit either in 3D or revise. 


Some dragons I did a year or two ago. I like the dragons themselves, but I dislike some of their backgrounds. They were rather fun to create.