Sunday, January 23, 2011

Portfolio Images_Set_2

Some more mounted images.

Portfolio Images

I'd already set these up for the website I never have time to get up and running, but thought, what the hell I'll put them here for now. It should also read "The Hollows" not the "The Hollow".

Mushroom Tavern

This one looks neat in the playfield.

Dryad Tree

Everyone always loves the Dryad Tree.

Ice Castle

I liked the whole set on this castle series.

Christmas Toy Store

Twisted Toy Store, part of the Christmas set.

Baba Yaga Statue

Super low res in-game version, but here's the old bat herself!

Shadow House

Here's the "House" that went with the castle set.

Shadow Castle

This was fun to do, there's a whole set that goes together, but this is the main structure for it.

Mermaid Fountain

Inspired from another famous mermaid painting, unfortunately I lost the link to the gorgeous picture! Anyone who likes mermaids should check out the GORGEOUS illustrations by Charles Santore for "The Little Mermaid: From the story by Hans Christian Andersen (Classic Tales, Running Press Kids).

Baba Yaga House

Why does every time I mention this old fairy tale people look at me like I'm insane? Its a well known story people!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Frozen Fairies...there will be a larger one!

I plan on posting the larger one, but it needs some tweaking, until then I felt the need to post the tortured winged ones. :)

Ice Harpy

Its pretty low res since its the in-game version.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Hourglass

I'm actually really proud of this one, for those of you who don't venture into Facebook gaming territory, let alone Fantasy Kingdoms, each of these hourglass stages are a "state" of growth. I worked hard to incorporate elements from each one of our seasonal quasi "collections" for a little extra depth. These were fun!