Saturday, December 29, 2012

Monster Island

Loved and hated this game. This world view was done with Drew Johnson, still one of the best artists I've had the opportunity to work with. I loved the little island full of bad B Movie Monsters.

Rushed, but done.

Why is it that when you start working for a living you have no damn time to make cool shit anymore? It seems like I spend most of my day working on other things that I find so much less interesting. I need to find a solution for this problem. There is so much wrong with this rushed piece, that I sort of want to bring it to my students and dissect it. But I love the idea of the stasis pod done in turquoise and brass, with bits of organic metals...I should devote more than a handful of hours and do this properly.

This could be better.

Title says it. But, still...I set out with an hour cap as the goal and it's not atrocious for the time investment. I've decided I'll start doing the sketch a day up again, with the 1-2 hour limit. Even if what comes out isn't brilliance liquefied, its damn good practice.

Damn, it's been a year and I think this was a staff...

It's been a while.

Just getting some stuff out and up to get back in the habit. Most of it's old, some of its good...some not. Regardless, need the blog to live, so here we go.