Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I actually had a lot of fun with these ferns.

Spring Mushrooms

I would just like to say, trying to create mushrooms that are both colorful and do not mimic male genitalia OR the whole Smurfs franchise is a pain. People love these, I like them as well, I suppose.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Giants Alchemist

I liked this one, it was just cute. And yes I'm aware it has certain "gas mask" like qualities. I just said screw it, I liked what I had. :D

Library of the Giants

Cat's faces were much better at twice the size, when I scaled them down they got a weird alien structure to them I dislike. Bleh, the rest I like.

Sword of the Giants Artifact

All 5 states. Dragon wakes up, sword is taken, dragon sleeps. I like the sleeping pose the best.

Giants Chessboard

Supposed to serve as a "ground" piece. Ideally Kristen and I want to create chess piece statues of the gods/goddesses of Isdyle.

Spring Set Flower Tree_Camellia

Get to post these since they've been released. For the Kingdom of the Giants set. This is twice the character's height.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some Old Work

Odds and ends using a vellum technique, I'd like to refine these but odds are they'll stay in quasi limbo till the end of time.

Some Old Work

I've been completely slacking in my off time, and mostly working on some 3D stuff I'll show when finished. Buts for now, I found some older stuff worth posting.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Anniversary Tower

Based on the 8 foot standup that I did last year for SXSW, Screenburn.

Festival Balloon

Hot Air Balloon.

Festival Theatre

Greyscale prework, and the final colors. The shows are a Shakespeare themed theatre production, a Juggler/Fire Breather/Dancer, and then a Magic Show.

Creature Armor

Sets of armor for the Dragon, the Wizard Cat, and the Unicorn.

Festival Tents

More of the Anniversary set, a Sleeping Tent, and a Weapons Tent.

Gypsy Wagon

Gypsy Wagon, it activates by opening up to set the stage.

1 Year Anniversary for Fantasy Kingdoms!

We put together some festival items, this is some of the trees I did.